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We offer final salary pension transfer / DB pension transfer guidance to all UK citizens. We endeavour to put you in touch with a wholly independent industry expert best suited to your needs and personal requirements. We also look for advisers who have the Pension Transfer Gold Standard. We do not give transfer advice.

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What is a final salary/defined benefit pension scheme?

A final salary pension also known as a DB pension (defined benefit pension) is a type of workplace pension which is different from most modern schemes. Instead of increasing your lump sum pension value over time, you are provided with a guaranteed income for life. This guaranteed income for life is based on your final salary.

Final Salary pensions are often provided to people who work in the public sector (health, education, public transportation, military, police etc).

Unsure about whether to go ahead with a Pension Transfers?

Transferring a final salary or defined benefit pension is a very big and irrevocable decision and not one to be taken lightly. Whilst the standard advice should always be not to transfer, there are sometimes good reasons why you should transfer.

Types of ‘Final Salary’ schemes

The correct ‘term’ is ‘Defined Benefit’ or DB scheme. A Final Salary Scheme is therefore a type of ‘Defined Benefit’ or DB scheme.

Some final salary pension schemes don’t use your ‘final salary’ but a ‘career average salary’ and are sometimes called or referred to as a CARE scheme.

A final salary pension transfer is also referred to or called a DB transfer. DB stands for ‘Defined Benefit’ where the amount of ‘benefit’ i.e., the annual pension benefit itself is pre-defined hence the term ‘Defined Benefit’ or DB transfer.

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    DB transfers FCA

    Final Salary or DB transfers are very topical right now. Partly because of the ‘Pension Mis-selling’ or ‘Pensions Review’ of the late 1990’s. The FCA continues to express concern over the current standard of DB transfer advice. The FCA are very concerned that individuals are not wrongly advised to complete a db transfer and the FCA are rightly concerned that mis-selling does not recur.

    Transfer final salary pension to sipp

    Instead of transferring into a standard personal pension many people now are opting to transfer final salary pensions to a ‘SIPP or Self Invested Personal Pension. These SIPP’s can take advantage of pension freedoms. If you are interested in transferring your final salary pension to a ‘SIPP’ then again, we can match you to an expert final salary pension transfer specialist who can help.

    Deferred final salary pension or ‘paid up pension’

    A Deferred final salary pension is also known sometimes as a ‘paid up pension’ where the pension you have earned, while in employment, is deferred until your company schemes retirement age. You can usually take a deferred final salary pension any time after age 55 (increasing to 57 from 5th April 2028).

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