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Final Salary Cash Equivalent Transfer Value

Final Salary Cash Equivalent Transfer Value

Our Calculator is aimed at helping you obtain a better understanding regard your Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) amount.

When considering a final salary pension transfer it is important to understand the value of your Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV).

Your Cash Equivalent Transfer Value is the amount which your pension scheme will pay if you choose to transfer out of your current final salary scheme.

You can request your Cash Equivalent Transfer Value from your current pension scheme at any time, you are allowed, by law, one free transfer value calculation every year. Unless you are in 12 months of your normal retirement date.

Our calculator is based on current industry averages which offers you a high and low estimate for your Cash Equivalent Transfer Value. Your current pension scheme will use their own calculation to work out the current value of your transfer amount. Our calculator should be used as a guide only.

The information requested in our calculator is required in order to estimate your Cash Equivalent transfer value. By clicking “Calculate Now” you agree that Final Salary Pension Transfer may email you a copy of your estimate and may contact you further to assist you with our services. Your personal data will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.