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Final Salary Pension Transfer offer final salary pension transfer / DB pension transfer guidance to all UK citizens. We assist you with obtaining specialist independent financial advice which helps you to make that very important decision about your future income pension wisely.

We only affiliate ourselves with companies who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure you are getting the service you need.

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    Final salary pension companies; insurance companies/SIPP providers who will accept a transfer from a DB scheme

    There are many insurance companies/SIPP providers who will take transfers from a final salary scheme. The expert adviser ‘advising’ you will help with selection of the ‘receiving’ scheme.

    It is part of the advice processes to take into account both the ‘company/wrapper/scheme’ your CETV is transferring to and the ongoing investment of that CETV.

    What is important to consider here is that some pension transfer specialists are not independent but ‘tied’ or ‘restricted’ to a particular product or product provider(s). We will only refer you to an independent industry expert who can advise on the whole market in terms of your final salary transfer.

    There are several companies offering final salary pension scheme transfer advice. To find the right companies offering final salary pension transfer advice, with expert pension transfer specialist. Simply complete the enquiry box above and we will find the right expert for you.

    For some people, it may be best to transfer final salary pension to a standard personal pension. For some people they may prefer to transfer final salary pension to personal pension into a SIPP which is a Self-Invested Personal Pension or SSAS where you, the individual, decide where to invest your pension fund (or you appoint others to do this on your behalf). This is dependent on whether a transfer of your final salary pension is the right thing to do in the first place

    Reasons to transfer out of a final salary pension scheme

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