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Final Salary Pension Transfer offer final salary pension transfer / DB pension transfer guidance to all UK citizens. We assist you with obtaining specialist independent financial advice which helps you to make that very important decision about your future income pension wisely.

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    Final salary pension transfer fees

    Final salary pension transfer fees can vary greatly, and this is something else to consider when looking where to enquire about a final salary transfer. Final salary pension transfer fees can vary from 2% of your fund to 5% of your fund in some instances depending on the size of your CETV/Cash Equivalent Transfer Value. Most Pension Transfer Specialist IFA’s, of any repute, will cap their fees for high value CETV’s. The problem about final salary pension transfer fees, at present, is that with the UK regulator clamping down, the costs associated with final salary pension transfer fees are escalating rapidly and it is the client who is bearing the increase in final salary pension transfer fees.

    Whether you are in the Centrica final salary pension scheme, Universities Superannuation Scheme, British Telecommunications plc BT Pension Scheme, Royal Bank of Scotland RBS Main Fund Section, Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund – DB Section, Electricity Supply Pension Scheme Defined Benefit, or the BP plc Pension Fund before you transfer you need to get the best/finest final salary pension advice and that’s where we can help. It is not easy to find expert and accredited (and preferably Pension Transfer Gold Standard) final salary pension advice at a reasonable price. The final salary pension transfer specialists we source are all experts at final salary pension advice, and we endeavour to ensure their final salary pension transfer fees are closer to the lower end of 2% than the higher 4%-5% that some final salary pension advice companies are charging.

    A cash equivalent transfer value final salary scheme may be one of the biggest assets you will ever have. A cash equivalent transfer value from a final salary scheme can be and often is worth more than your house. It is common to have a cash equivalent transfer value final salary millionaire. So, make very sure the advice you receive is expert advice.

    There is no doubt that final salary transfer advice costs are increasing and 2% is now very much the lower end of the fee range. The cost of ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance’ has gone through the roof for most IFA’s, to the point where they either can’t get insurance at all, or the premiums are so high it is not economically viable to give final salary transfer advice. One reason why final salary transfer advice costs have risen is because of increased PI costs.

    There are still some very good final salary schemes out there which are now, for the reasons above, offering CETV’s. Schemes such as British Gas final salary pension scheme, Barclays final salary pension scheme, Reed Elsevier final salary pension scheme, TFL final salary pension, Kingfisher final salary pension scheme, Peugeot final salary pension scheme, RBS final salary pension, LGPS final salary, HBOS final salary pension scheme, SSE final salary pension, Rolls Royce final salary pension scheme, Honda final salary pension, Xerox final salary pension scheme, eon final salary pension scheme and NatWest final salary pension scheme, BP pension scheme to name a few.

    So, if you have a pension cash equivalent transfer value, choose your pension transfer specialist very carefully and use your pension cash equivalent transfer value wisely or not at all.

    We touched above on final salary pension transfer advice costs which may or may not (often not) have a direct impact on advice. Often even significant final salary pension transfer advice costs will have minimal effect on the viability of a transfer. That said, it must be said that the final salary pension transfer advice cost is rising. Depending on fund size the final salary pension transfer advice cost is usually between 2% and 5% of the fund being transferred.

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