Final salary pension analysis

In order to give you expert professional help and guidance the pension transfer specialist will need to perform a final salary pension transfer analysis. This really is a specialist task that needs to be undertaken by an experienced and well qualified pension professional. To be able to do a ‘proper’ final salary pension transfer analysis requires specialist knowledge and professional skills and this is what we look for when sourcing some of the best pension transfer specialists in the UK to perform your final salary pension transfer analysis to give you the best possible advice.

There are now far fewer people with a pension based on final salary – the golden era of a pensions based on final salary is long gone and those final salary pensions that are left are very highly sought after. You are very lucky if you do have a pension based on final salary (or CARE scheme), even a deferred pension, so treat it well.

So, if you are looking to transfer a DB pension make sure you get the best possible expert help.

Whether to transfer DB pensions into a SIPP or standard personal pension is a very important and irrevocable decision so make sure it’s the right one for you.

Pension cash equivalent transfer calculator

Use our pension cash equivalent transfer value calculator the tool. Generally, a cash equivalent transfer value is usually between 20 and 40 times your pension at leaving and or at retirement. The only way to find out your pension cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) is to ask your scheme to calculate it. You are usually only allowed one free CETV calculation per year but to make an informed decision about what to do with your pension it is a good idea to obtain your free CETV (provided you have left the scheme and have a deferred pension).

Cash equivalent transfer values on divorce

One area in which expert help is essential is with cash equivalent transfer values on divorce. In the case of cash equivalent transfer values on divorce the partner of the person with the final salary pension is often entitled to a share of the CETV as part of the divorce settlement. So, again, let us know above and we can arrange for an industry UK expert to help. We only recommend UK FCA regulated firms for cash equivalent transfer value and divorce issues.

Some of the schemes we can help with

If you have a deferred pension with any of these schemes, we can help put you in touch with a FCA regulated advisor who can help:

  • Scottish Power final salary pension scheme
  • AstraZeneca final salary pension scheme
  • Aviva final salary pension scheme
  • BT final salary pension
  • RBS final salary pension scheme
  • BBC final salary pension scheme
  • USS final salary
  • Boots final salary pension scheme
  • Ford final salary pension scheme
  • Barclays final salary pension
  • Halifax final salary pension scheme
  • BP final salary pension scheme
  • Sainsburys final salary pension scheme
  • Siemens final salary pension
  • USS cash equivalent transfer value
  • Lloyds final salary pension
  • John Lewis final salary pension scheme
  • HBOS final salary pension scheme login
  • Royal Mail final salary pension scheme
  • BAE systems final salary pension scheme
  • Johnston Press final salary pension scheme
  • GKN final salary pension scheme
  • PSS final average salary

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